Hi, human being. 50 - 70 millennia ago, your great ancestors invented speech. 5 millennia ago, your other ancestors invented writing. That’s the only reason why me and you can communicate through this text right now. Although this communication is one sided, I still find it to be a miracle. I am writing this text on April 10th, 2022, you are reading it sometime in the future. If there’s one thing we can say about humans and why we are so successful as a species, is that we are great at communicating. That’s our superpower.

When during evolution monkeys chose really good short term memory, we were betting on speech. Both on physiological and cognitive levels, we were striving to become better at communicating. This is how we won. Here is a fun video of a monkey memorizing the position of all numbers in an instant, what no human can do:

Fun trick, monkey, but speech is cooler!

If we look closer at humans’ history, it’s pretty noticable that the rate of progress was highest when there was a new breakthrough in communications. Speech, Writing, Printing Press, Mass production of books, Telegraph, Phone, Internet. Today, anyone and any information in the world is at the tips of your fingers. Now, what? Where else can we go from here? At first, it seems like all communication problems have been solved. Success, is it?

The best way to see what’s next is to zoom out, to see how things are on a greater scale. Take for example messengers, a great invention of the last communication leap. They are incredible, you can call anyone in the world, right? You pick a messenger, you call your friend in China, and what do you hear first? “嗨你過的怎麼樣?” How’s your communication thingy going? This exact moment you also realize that there are only 20% of all people in the world, who you understand. Your expouser to the human’s network is only 20%, kinda low bandwidth, don’t you think?

Maybe some of you could say that eventually everyone will just learn English. Fair idea. But, how many generations should pass to teach the whole planet English? Too many, not even taking into account the importance of preserving the culture. Last time, someone * khm * Britain tried to teach someone English, it didn’t end well.

The solution that we are working on at Blanc, is to use AI to translate all types of information(video, audio, text — all in real-time eventually) into all languages. Universal AI translation engine. What will happen when billions of people have access to high quality translations? It will be like the first PC in the world of room sized servers. The amount of unrealised potential it will unlock is uncomprehensible, both on economical and social levels. Tapping into the global market will be just the same as into local, improving all world economies. Global awareness about who we are and how we live will help transition most countries into freer and more prosperous.

We are starting with video, since it’s currently the most popular and expensive source of commuication. This is what we can do right now in a semi automatic mode(target language transcript in the middle of our ML pipeline is proof-read by native speaker):

The future is exciting!

P.S. Lex, if you are reading this, would love to chat any time! I m much more interesting than Mr.P ;)